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Meet Wayne


Hi, I'm Wayne Langford, Republican Candidate for Walla Walla County Commissioner, District 3. Thank you for visiting my webpage. The first question everyone always asks is, "Why are you running?" There's several reasons, actually, so I'll list a few here. You can read more of my thoughts on the issues page, too.

For many years now I've been deeply involved in my community and the County. I know firsthand how County government and the process can seem to be cumbersome. I believe we can do better. I believe that everyone, whether you live in the city or the country, urban or rural, should have their concerns listened to and addressed equally and timely. From Walla Walla to Walker Canyon, from Wallula to Waitsburg, my goal is to be that voice, to have that open door for everyone.  The most important part of the job of a County Commissioner is to be a good listener. Please, always feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help. 

Drugs and crime are a problem in Walla Walla County, especially in the more rural areas. The Sheriff's office is woefully underfunded and undermanned. I have full faith and confidence in Sheriff Mark Crider, our Sheriff's Office and our Deputies, and will make sure they have every tool possible at their disposal to keep our communities safe and keep resource officers in our schools. 

Taxes are at an all time high. With property values skyrocketing the tax burden on home and property owners has become heavier than ever. One way to help resolve that is through increased commercial and industrial development and diversifying our tax base. The Port of Walla Walla has made a huge investment all along the Burbank-Wallula corridor to bring in corporate and commercial industry for the benefit of Walla Walla County. I am the one Candidate for County Commissioner who has the background and experience to best work with the Port and capitalize on that investment for the betterment of Walla Walla County. 

The decision to run for County Commissioner was not one made lightly or spur-of-the-moment, but truly years in the making. It's the result of a life long interest in politics dating back to the Nixon Administration when I was in grade school, watching and continuing to watch the events of the world unfold. Later, when I started my real estate career in 2002, I found an outlet that allowed me the opportunity to get much more involved politically by volunteering in the local and state Realtor® Associations Government Affairs Committee. This provided me with deeper knowledge and insight on land use and water rights issues, taxation, and a greater realization on just how much politics invade our daily lives. It also gave me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with local councilors and state legislators, not just locally but from around the state, while advocating on behalf of our industry and especially our clients; current and potential home owners, farmers, business people large and small, protecting them from government overreach, and burdensome regulation and taxation. I can draw on those relationships to help our representatives get more out of Olympia, or share resources with our neighbors to best serve Walla Walla County.

When it became apparent in 2016 there was a need for new and updated zoning regulations in Burbank to better prepare the community for future growth, I was able to share my knowledge with other neighborhood leaders and actively work with the Commissioners and the Community Development Department to make that happen. It was a multi-year process that we finally finished up last summer.

When Commissioner Duncan unexpectedly passed away right after his re-election in 2018, I was one of the 11 people who applied to fill the vacant seat. There have been many people who've encouraged me since then, including other local elected leaders, to continue in my efforts and run for the office.

These experiences have fueled my desire to share and be more involved with County government. I was appointed by the current Commissioners to, and currently serve on the Walla Walla County Planning Commission and Board of Equalization. For years I've regularly attended weekly County Commissioner meetings. I've worked closely with the Community Development department while working as my own hands on General Contractor, preparing my acre and building our dream home for myself and my wife, Cherree. I'm a Husband, Father and Grandfather. I've worked as a Realtor® for 20 years in South Eastern Washington, helping hundreds of people 'make decisions that are good for them' and realize their American Dream of home ownership. During that time I've also volunteered heavily with the Realtor® Association, serving on the Board of Directors, Budget and Finance Committee, Government Affairs, Ethics and Professional Standards Committees, and was Association President in 2013. I'm a 2011 graduate of Leadership Institute Northwest. In my spare time I enjoy working in the shop, playing with old cars and trucks and going to car shows. If you'd like to know more, please click the contact button. Let's make time to meet so you can get to know me and I can learn your thoughts and concerns.

I feel now the time is right for me to combine all these experiences and serve the people fully as your next Commissioner for Walla Walla County. The Board of County Commissioners is currently made up of people with expertise in agriculture, accounting, business and first responder/emergency services. What's lacking is someone with a background and knowledge of development and how to diversify the tax base, who also understands the importance of all of the above. I can fill that void. I appreciate where we've come from and all that we have and enjoy. I also know it's important for us to continue to grow smartly and diversify in certain areas for Walla Walla County to continue to thrive.

I have a deep love for my county and my community and truly believe it's the greatest place in the world to live. My Dad lived here, as did his Father before him. I've been blessed with opportunities to serve and give back to the community, and there's more I can do. I'll bring with me a heartfelt desire to serve, with humility and uncommon common sense. With your help and support, and your vote, we can make that happen. Thank you.


Wayne Langford Commissioner for Walla Walla County

Snow Geese on the McNary Wildlife Refuge in front of the Blue Mountains

                      At home for Christmas with my wife, Cherree

                                          Working in the shop with the Granddaughters


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