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People you may know or trust, who know me, worked with me or have some personal relationship, knowledge and insight to my character, and respect the way I do business and work with others. People who have declared their support and believe Wayne Langford is the best person to be your next Commissioner for Walla Walla County. 


Brad Klippert, 8th District Representative and Candidate for Congress.

  • "I fully endorse Wayne Langford's candidacy for Walla Walla County Commissioner. I have no problem endorsing a good man" Brad Klippert

Matt Boehnke, 8th District Representative and Candidate for State Senate.

  • "With your background and experience, (Wayne) will make a great commissioner", Matt Boehnke

Larry Haler, former 8th District Representative

Bill Jenkin, former 16th District Representative

Rocky Mullen, Franklin County Commissioner, District 2

  • "You've got the right experience", Rocky Mullen

Mike Alvarez, City of Richland Mayor

April Connors, Candidate for 8th District Representative

Abraham Larios, co-owner Evergreen Agricultural Services, LLC

Jim Smith, Granite Farms, Burbank

Roger Baisch, Burbank

  • Baisch Vegetation Management 

Len & Pat McIrvin, Burbank

  • Diamond M Ranch

Clint Hoffman, Hoffman Quality Water, Walla Walla

 Debbie Zalaznik, Walla Walla

Nat Webb, Walla Walla

  • "Have worked with Wayne reviewing property assessments in Walla Walla County. He displays a sound knowledge of the topic and asks questions that reflect his concerns about the citizens of Walla Walla County." Nat Webb

 Randy Watkins, Burbank

Leroy Harvill, Burbank

Jim Harris, Burbank

Richard and Carol Grubb, Burbank

Fred Martin, Burbank 

 Christopher Leahy, Burbank

Dennis Munden, Burbank

Lee & Holly Brickey, Burbank

Everett & Sherry Rowe, Burbank 

Marilyn Harrison, Yakima

Phyllis Reed, Burbank

  • "I'll be glad to have a commissioner who cares", Phyllis Reed

Alan Kowalski, Kennewick

John Keltch, Pasco

George & Allie Dockstader, Pasco

Glen Clark, Pasco

Roy Elia, Walla Walla

Steve & Kaye Peck, Walla Walla

John  & Kris Youd, Walla Walla

Joe & Raquel Wallace, Burbank

  • Joe Wallace Construction

Randy Reynolds, WWCFD#5 Volunteer Firefighter

Pam Reynolds, Pasco

Tim & Pam Cole, Burbank

Tom Craig, Walla Walla

Edward and Deanna Smith, Walla Walla

Vic and Eloise Phillips, Walla Walla

Dr. Zana Carver, Walla Walla




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